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Free downloadable game for Playdate console (https://play.date/)
Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-Move) meets 2048 with some extra sauce. 

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)


Bifusion-1.0.1.pdx.zip 85 kB

Install instructions

Upload the zip file to your account (https://play.date/account/) turn on your Playdate and go to Settings->Games. After the list of games is refreshed you will see the game in the "Your Games" section.

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Hello! Great game concept, having lots of fun playing it.

Just wanted to report that the game crashes for me when I collide 2 64's in Easy mode!

I'm glad you enjoy it. I'll take a look into it. Thanks for the report.

Repro’d today, on crash screen clicked “More info” and got “ERROR: ball with wrong energy”

I received the same exact crash this morning.  Two 64's in easy mode and...kaput.

:( Thanks for reporting it. I plan to spend a bit of time doing bug fixing and maybe adding a couple of new features in the next weeks, so hopefully all these crashes will be fixed soon. 

That's great to hear, Hegodigames!  I understand this takes some time to implement, so I really appreciate your effort.  As it stands, it's still a great game.  In the meantime, I wish you all the best squashing those bugs. :)

Hello Hegodigames,

I'm loving this game, but on the 1.0.1 version, occasionally I'll launch a ball and it will not collide with other balls.  For example, I'll shoot a #2 ball and it just sails right through another #2 ball. Any plans to address this?  Regardless, thanks for the great game.

Ryan :)

Hello Ryan!
I'm glad to hear you are enjoying the game. I'll try to fix it in the next version. Thanks for reporting it.

Did a few runs of your game and I am pleasantly surprised. Very solid concept and so much fun to play.

I'm happy you liked it!. Thanks for playing it and making the video :).

Thank you for this update which fixes the previous bug.  Now I have two new bugs.  Sometimes the disc goes through.  When you reach 128 the console crashes and restarts.

It's one of the best games I have on PlayDate. Congratulations and Thank you. (I hope you manage to fix the bugs) 

Thanks a lot for the comment!

Excellent jeu. Merci ! 


Enjoyed the game!

But has bugs. After a.while of playing all three slots on the left seems like they occupied by balls while in reality they empty.

Also looks like after a while ball counting inside reactor going crazy and 3 balls already makes screen looks cracked.

It need to be fixed, but even now game is addictive.

Im happy to hear you enjoyed it! I really appreciate you took the time to give me feedback. I'll investigate those bugs and hopefully upload a fixed version

I love games like this! i ran into a small graphical glitch where one of the 3 slots showed i had a 64 ball on it still when it was empty.

Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the feedback I'll look into it.